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Since '2000, Lobbyist & Issue Advocacy consultant. Good working relationships with both Republican & Democrat elected officials. Campaign consultant to local, statewide and presidential campaigns from 1980 to mid 90's. U.S. Senate and Alaska State Senate staffer in the early 80's.

Specialties: Lobbying(Legislative/Administration, Municipalities/City Council, & Planning & Zoning), Grassroots Consulting, Media Relations and Coalition Building.

Bickford Pacific Group

Strategic LOBBYING.

Relentless Results.

comprehensive services

• Government relations experts
• Lobbying local, state and national
• Digital / social media advocacy
• Grassroots / grass tops
• Strategist specialist
• Communications / Public Relations
• Crisis management

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The Firm

The Bickford Pacific Group is a bipartisan government affairs firm. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies. The Bickford Pacific Group is constantly named top 10 lobbying firm in the State of Alaska. Our far-ranging and trusted bipartisan relationships is our clients direct benefit. Our proven strategic execution resulting in client realization is our firms commitment and superior service we deliver on.


Alaska Hospitality Retailers

American Academy of Ophthalmology
​Verizon Wireless
Dave & Busters
Dimond Center
American Chemistry Council
Bean's Cafe
(Community Volunteer Service)
General Motors

Pics above, left to right, My father as lobbyist with then Congressman Jacob Javits who later became U.S. Senator from New York. Former U.S. ​Senator & Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich and myself . Office photo of Senator Frank Murkowski & staff in DC where I worked in early 1981. 

​Consumer Energy Alliance Alaska

Yellow Dispatch
Resident Hunters of Alaska
Drug Policy Alliance
Powers Brothers
Anchorage Taxicab Permit Owners Association​