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Bickford Pacific Group

Strategic LOBBYING.

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Pics above, left to right, My father as lobbyist with then Congressman Jacob Javits who later became U.S. Senator from New York. Former U.S. ​Senator & Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich and myself . Office photo of Senator Frank Murkowski & staff in DC where I worked in early 1981. 


Since '2000, Lobbyist & Issue Advocacy consultant. Good working relationships with both Republican & Democrat elected officials. Campaign consultant to local, statewide and presidential campaigns from 1980 to mid 90's. U.S. Senate and Alaska State Senate staffer in the early 80's.

Specialties: Lobbying(Legislative/Administration, Municipalities/City Council, & Planning & Zoning), Grassroots Consulting, Media Relations and Coalition Building.

comprehensive services

• Government relations experts
• Lobbying local, state and national
• Digital / social media advocacy
• Grassroots / grass tops
• Strategist specialist
• Communications / Public Relations
• Crisis management

The Firm

The Bickford Pacific Group is a bipartisan government affairs firm. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies. The Bickford Pacific Group is constantly named top 10 lobbying firm in the State of Alaska. Our far-ranging and trusted bipartisan relationships is our clients direct benefit. Our proven strategic execution resulting in client realization is our firms commitment and superior service we deliver on.